We are looking for rockets that will fly with us to the moon.

Ok, our goals are not around the next corner. However, we are on an exciting journey.

Are you curious, eager to learn, ambitious, open-minded, and determined?

Then get to know us as an attractive employer

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HoloLens Developer (m/f)
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You are already dedicated to Mixed Reality?
The research of new technologies determines your life?

.NET Developer (m/f)
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You develop passionately in C#, ASP.NET & JavaScript?
You love innovative development approaches?

Unity Developer (m/f)
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Your creative head inspires your spirit and you mutate into a solution machine?
You see and think in 4D?

Community Manager (m/f)
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Avoiding contact is not an issue for you? You spread content on the web comparable to stars that adorn the sky?
Project Management Assistant (m/f)
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As a communication artist you like to enter the stage?
You think of everything and you love to coordinate things? 

Katharina Kechter

Are you thirsty for exciting tasks in a tightly knit team? Additionally you like a safe environment where you can freely evolve?

Those benefits are awaiting you at INDECA 4D:

Career at INDECA 4D

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We are always excited about your significant application including earliest date of joining the company and salary expectation.
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