Your customers even better to be able to satisfy their needs.

Product features

  • Easy integration of mixed reality into websites, e-shops and special sales offers (placing 3D products into the real world through smartphones or tablets)
  • Usage of the mixed reality app without registration
  • Integrated manipulation of 3D data (e.g. moving, scaling, rotating)

Rolf Petermann – van den Berg

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (171) 70 40 694

„we bring Mixed Reality
to your company“

Norbert Lukic

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (170) 91 29 050

„how (smart and) mixed
is your reality?“

Primary research

This primary research is addressed to companies who have defined a use case and now want to evaluate it with their customers.Based on the requirements specification, INDECA will create a list of criteria for the evaluation of the use case. Therefore INDECA is going to define the participants (end clients) together with the customers for the primary research. With the help of the list of criteria the existing requirements shall be revised, and additional ideas/functions shall be identified with the participants of the primary research. The results of the research will be analyzed together with the customers wrote down. The implementation of the primary research is going to be adapted for the customer. Because of that, INDECA offers the primary research as a service with daily rates. Based on experience a minimum of 5 working days are needed for primary research.

A quality assured requirement catalog as basis for the realization.