Number of participants:

  • Up to 6 participants


  • 2 Hours

Product features

  • Easy integration of mixed reality into websites, e-shops and special sales offers (placing 3D products into the real world through smartphones or tablets)
  • Usage of the mixed reality app without registration
  • Integrated manipulation of 3D data (e.g. moving, scaling, rotating)

Rolf Petermann – van den Berg

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (171) 70 40 694

„we bring Mixed Reality
to your company“

Norbert Lukic

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (170) 91 29 050

„how (smart and) mixed
is your reality?“


This workshop is for participants who need a theoretical and practical introduction into mixed reality with the HoloLens.

What you can expect:

  • Introduction into virtual, augmented & mixed reality
  • Market analysis & application opportunities
  • Introduction of the HoloLens & live experience for all participants

At the end all participants have a good understanding of this new technology and of the application possibilities it provides.