Areas of application

  • Marketing
  • Trade fairs
  • Collision check
  • Product design
  • Central training

Product features

Rolf Petermann – van den Berg

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (171) 70 40 694

„we bring Mixed Reality
to your company“

Norbert Lukic

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (170) 91 29 050

„how (smart and) mixed
is your reality?“

For all Business sectors.

Product Description
The AssetBox creates the base for future features of mixed reality. With the easy & automatic porting of your 3D data this product offers a cost effective way to use your data on your mixed reality devices. After your 3D data is available, new solutions can be executed with this technology. The AssetBox is much more than just a product, but rather a way of introducing an augmented reality strategy into your company.

Microsoft HoloLens, iOS Smartphones & tablets, desktop computers

  • Automatic conversion optimization of complex 3D data for providing on mixed reality devices.
  • Central Data maintenance including approval-, rights- and user-maintenance
  • Creation & administration of 3D scenes
  • Integrated manipulation of 3D data (e.g. moving, scaling, rotating)
  • Automatic provision of videos & PDF data in mixed reality
  • Multi lens functionality for shared observation of 3D scenes with multiple smart-glasses
  • Online capability