Areas of application

  • Product presentation on web presences
  • Innovative expansion of offers

Product features

Rolf Petermann – van den Berg

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (171) 70 40 694

„we bring Mixed Reality
to your company“

Norbert Lukic

Business Development & Consulting

+49 (170) 91 29 050

„how (smart and) mixed
is your reality?“

Partner: confidential

Product description
Together with our customer we are realizing a website integration for viewing products in Mixed reality. Concerning this we are extending the current web presence of our customers by the so-called “AR-Buttons”, so that the users have an opportunity of looking at the product of our customers in mixed reality on their smartphone or tablet in addition to the 2D viewing. The final solution of this collaborative module development will be offered as MIX BASE product – our customer therefore receives an appropriate benefit.

MIX LINK brings your products into the facilities of your customers in an easy & fast way.

iOS smartphones & tablets, desktop

  • Easy integration of mixed reality into websites, e-shops and offers (Placing 3D products into the real world through smartphones or tablets)
  • Usage of the mixed reality app without registration
  • Integrated manipulation of 3D data (e.g. moving, scaling, rotating)